The unified supply chain

Achieve end to end visibility of your consolidated supply chain using Genesys: a blockchain-enabled traceability service running on the cloud.

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Seamless Integration

Collaborate with your supply chain partners using the scalable and secure Genesys API across locations/ organizations at a low cost.

Operation Excellence

Data integrity performed by Genesys enables quality control, automation and data-driven optimization of your supply chain.

Expertise & Support

Genesys empowers your business with insights from your consolidated supply chain by giving you access to a new type of platform with the professional support required by the industry.

Genesys Services

What do we offer?


Collaborate with your global partners using Genesys access points to contribute or collect supply chain data through Genesys API.


Data integration and self healing tasks offered by Genesys reduce manual intervention. Automatic compliance improve the quality of your consolidated supply chain.


Data driven

Achieve a consolidated perspective of your supply chain in real time from heterogeneous data sources.


Multiple programming languages and standards supported. Easy integration with your current supply chain management platform using Genesys API.

Blockchain Benefits

 - Decentralized: Resilient multi-nodes architecture offering redundancy to keep your data safe even in case of cyber attacks 

- Supply Chain Data immutability: The information provided by the supply chain
participants cannot be altered without conscensus 

Cloud Benefits

- Global and highly available network of computing nodes

- Highly available and redundant Genesys API access points

- Secure and self-healing architecture 

Cost Benefits

- No registration or license fees: Easy integration into your current supply chain management platform

- Pay-per-use pricing model based on the usage of the platform